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Advantages of Using Paper Bags

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Advantages of Using Paper Bags

Ever since it was developed in 1852, paper bags have gone through a lot of changes and they remain a popular material for bagging shopping items. Most of us definitely have used them before. Many supermarkets and stores around the world today make use of paper bags to pack the goods that people shop. Despite the fact that they face stiff competition from plastic bags, they are still able to retain their popularity especially amongst retail outlets that offer clothes and other non-food items. You will not usually find these bags in supermarkets due to the fact that they are not waterproof and not all of its types are as durable as plastic bags but they definitely have more advantage as compared to the latter.

Manufacturers now develop paper bags that are treated and have more resilient quality thus increasing their durability. In some cases, they are more durable as compared to some plastic bags. They can withstand much more hurt and pressure. Also, their box like design allows the shoppers to put more goods inside them. They are also safer to use as compared to plastic. If a child accidentally put a plastic bag over his head, it may induce suffocation. However with paper bags, tearing them open would be easy.

Paper bags today have become sort of a fashion symbol since big brand names in the apparels sector have their shopping bags made out of paper. The designers of these companies come up with various designs for the bags that would make the brand look classy and at the same time making the bag look attractive. The reason why these companies spend so much time and effort in making shopping bags is because if they look attractive, people would carry them around and since the brand name would be on the bags, it will help in publicizing and giving the brand a good image.

Apart from these benefits, the major advantage of using paper bags is that they are more environmentally friendly as compared to plastic bags. If they are properly taken care of, they can be reused over and over again. The fact that they are cheap, recyclable and biodegradable is what makes them an advantageous material to use. Since plastic does not decay, it can be harmful to the surroundings when left in an open ground. On the contrary, paper would simply decay and merge with the environment without letting out harmful gases. This would save space as well. When burnt, plastic releases out toxic gases unlike paper. Paper bags can be recycled to produce new pieces of paper. Many organizations all over the world are now choosing to use recycled paper products to help save the environment. This has thus increased their popularity.

Using paper bags is really advantageous and can help save the environment against pollution except for one negative point. As we use these bags, more trees around the world are cut down. This act is harmful to the environment. One best solution to this is to use bags that are made of recycled paper. The emphasis to save the environment has motivated many organizations to create more bags out of recycled papers.

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