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Commercial Cleaning: Going Green

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Commercial Cleaning: Going Green

Ever considered how many toxic products are used when one office space is cleaned? Now multiply that by a thousand and there are potentially millions of gallons of hazardous chemicals being sprayed onto the windows, washed onto the floors and dumped down the drains. Because those gallons and gallons of hazardous products really add up in commercial cleaning, it’s important to consider green and environmentally friendly products.

There are more and more environmentally friendly and non-toxic home-use products being introduced to the market every day. There are big name brands making their already popular products less toxic to brand new companies creating their products as an answer to popular demand. A business owner or homeowner can purchase environmentally friendly toilet bowl cleaner, glass and appliance cleaner, restroom, tile and grout cleaner, carpet wash and sanitizing spray. There is no shortage of products available that qualify as eco-friendly and fit.

The green trend is now reaching beyond the individual household. There are a multitude of businesses out there that are making changes to offer environmentally conscious commercial cleaning. This is product use on a large scale and studies suggest that it can really make a difference and a positive impact on the environment. Businesses who participate in going green are viewed more favorably by their clientele and by the average consumer.

Because of the sheer volume of the products used during a commercial cleaning job, it is easy to see the impact that even replacing a few traditional products with green-minded ones can make an impact. Replacing the use of ammonia, chlorine and acids with products that have a more natural make up reduces the levels of toxic chemicals in a building. This creates a safer environment for clients, employees and anyone spending time within the business. It is also assumed that reducing chemical use within the building could positively affect the water and air supply.

Green commercial cleaning can also create a positive buzz surrounding a businesses reputation. Some businesses have found that when they publicize that they are environmentally conscious when it comes to keeping their building and office space clean, they instantly create a buzz within their clientele. People appreciate a business that cares for the environment. Most clients will see a connection between caring for the environment and caring for the health of clients and employees. Eco-consciousness can give a business a trendy and family-friendly appeal, perhaps reaching a new demographic.

Fortunately for businesses looking to go green, environmentally friendly products and services are becoming more and more affordable. Due to the rising popularity of eco-consciousness, there are more products available for both the individual homeowner and business clientele. Businesses can affordably switch to a greener clean just because of the sheer availability of the product and services. More demand equals more availability and more affordability.

So, if it is time to think about hiring a commercial cleaning company for your small business, office space or building site, consider switching to a company that supports environmentally friendly products and services. You’ll impress your employees and clientele with your eco-consciousness and you’ll positively impact the environment.

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