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Do Not Start a Fish-Keeping Hobby With Discus Fish

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Do Not Start a Fish-Keeping Hobby With Discus Fish

They are colorful and swim with grace. Discus fish are very popular among the fish keepers. However, if you are not able to spend a lot of time regularly for their care and overall on the maintenance of the aquarium, you better go for other species. A lot of efforts are required for keeping Discus fish successfully in your aquarium.

The fish originated from Brazil and it came to the United States by 1920. Initially, it comes in two colors – red and blue. Recently a lot of breeders have experimented on them and produced successfully a huge variety of Discus with many shades of color.

While planning to keep Discus fish in your aquarium, you must remember a very important thing to begin with. They always prefer to live in groups. So you should keep them in a group of about 7 to 10.

Another important thing you should remember is about their lifestyle. They want plenty of room to swim around. You should keep them in sufficiently big aquarium. There should be at least 10 gallons of water per fish in the aquarium. They can grow up to 8 inches, so you should provide enough room for such growth also.

The temperature of the water is next important factor. They are comfortable with the temperature of around 85° F. If there is any sudden change in the temperature in either direction, they are unable to cope up with such a change.

Discus fish originated from the quiet waters of Amazon. Naturally, they prefer still water. Even if you plan to have some streams for filtration purposes, they should be slower and should be kept out of the way of their normal swimming area.

They expect ideal conditions of water for their healthy living. They are very sensitive to slightest changes in the environment around them and can get sick or may even die in a very short period of time. So you should provide very good filtration system for the aquarium. You should check frequently the ph level and the levels of ammonia and nitrites so that they are always kept under control. The water should be kept clean and all the particles of left-over food as well as the fish waste accumulated at the bottom should be removed from the aquarium as quickly as possible.

Discus fish are very fussy about the food. They are considered as very slow eaters. When you offer them something new, they may not eat it for days. They can survive without food even for a month. Even though they food such as like fish insects, blood-worms and mosquito larvae, you should provide them a balanced food containing good amount of protein.

There is one more variety of food which Discus fish love to eat – beef heart. However this is an expensive food and it need not be offered frequently.

Discus fish will require many hiding places in the aquarium. If they get scared and if they cannot find suitable place to hide, they gets stressed and they may hurt themselves by hitting the walls of the aquarium.

If you want to keep them in an aquarium with other species of fish, you have to be careful. They will be happy to share the aquarium with angelfish and tetras. However, you should not keep them with Uaru fish because they may eat Uarus.

If you are a first time fish-keeper, you should not go for Discus fish. You may find it difficult to manage them with their food habits and high expectations about the conditions of water around them. Instead, you can begin with species which are easy to keep like catfish or goldfish. Once you are trained to keep them successfully for some time, you can introduce Discus fish in the aquarium. 

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