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Does My Ex Miss Me? Reddit Explains All

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Does My Ex Miss Me? Reddit Explains All

If you find yourself wondering, does my ex miss me? And then you go on Reddit to try and find help, you might be poking in the wrong direction. While Reddit can certainly be a great way to get other peoples’ perspective on a breakup, it won’t actually help you get your ex back. The key is to find a balance in your life so you can become the attractive person your ex used to love.

Advice from Reddit on Breakups

Reddit has a good user community with many other people in your exact situation. The only problem is that the folks here may not have wanted to go through the process of reconciliation. Many of them have moved on from their breakups and will share their stories, but helpful tips for getting back with your ex may be hard to find. If you’re looking for advice from Reddit on a breakup, you would be better served by trying to look elsewhere – such as a breakup guide.

Does My Ex Miss Me? Signs That Will Tell You

If your ex truly misses you, it will be hard to not notice. Generally, they will call you, text you, or just find some way to contact you even over trivial things. If you get repeated communication from your ex over the months since your breakups, she’s probably wanting you back. Otherwise she would have moved on and deleted your number. Is she stalking you on Facebook or Twitter – or perhaps even in person? If you notice her following you or finding reasons to stay up to date with your life, she probably still misses you.

Getting Back Together – Step One

When you want to actually get back together with someone, the first step is to work on yourself. You have to be willing to take an honest look at your relationship with your ex and the dynamic between you. Were you a good listener? Were you focused on your career, health, and hobbies as well as hers? You need to have a balance in your life to be an attractive mate.

Step Two

The second part of getting back together is to take some time to work on your health and social life. Now is a good time to go out with friends and take time to bring balance into your life. Just having your ex be the whole focus of your time isn’t going to instill you with confidence. You need to do your favorite sports and hobbies like mountain climbing, trail running, cooking, basketball, video games, etc. Whatever brings you pleasure and makes you feel like a conqueror is what you should be doing.

Step Three

When you have focused on yourself for a while and become your old, happy version, you can think about contacting your ex. You should have established a no contact period during your breakup, that time when you’ve been asking “does my ex miss me?” over and over. At this point, your ex should just be figuring you’ve moved on or that you just want to remain friends.

Before you go contact her, though, you need to make sure you understand the right things to say. You need to build a new connection, build rapport, and create attraction between you and your ex.

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