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Eco Hotels – Sustainable Living For the Tourism Industry

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Eco Hotels – Sustainable Living For the Tourism Industry

Sustainable living is an essential part of the modern world, as society and the various industries strive to reduce the overall carbon footprint by conservation of energy and natural resources. As such, even hotels nowadays are gearing up to help save the earth’s environment. These eco hotels and green lodges are vital for the preservation of our planet.

Hotels need to have a number of characteristics that must be achieved before they can be classified as “eco hotels.” The first thing is being certified by a government unit or an acknowledged third-party organization.

Originally, eco hotels started off as a term for Eco Lodges-with design and location that is heavily nature-focused, as some of them can even be found in jungles. Currently, however, eco hotels as a term has enveloped even hotels in urban locations that have embraced the green philosophy and have established programs to preserve the environment.

There are many ways by which the philosophies of different eco hotels can be applied. In fact, some of these practices are quite simple that even those establishments not seeking certification can use them to do their own part to preserve the environment-even if those are just small ways.

For example, simply using non-toxic cleaning agents and other stuff used for housekeeping, such as laundry detergent and dishwashing liquids, can go a long way towards helping the environment. This is one of the most common practices used by green hotels.

One of the biggest methods of greening an establishment is to make sure the place relies extensively on renewable energy sources. This is where new technology revolving around solar energy or wind energy is used. Sadly, not every establishment has funding to support this, and not all countries have the necessary technology or infrastructure as well.

The use of cotton that is 100% organic is also one of the most common practices. Since hotels use a lot of cotton for many applications-bed sheets, bathing towels, bathrobes, mattresses, et cetera-making sure everything is organic ensures there is no fallout out of using synthetic fabrics.

Fostering a non-smoking environment, designating recycling bins throughout an establishment, using energy-efficient appliances such as lighting fixtures, the application of green vehicle technology for in-hotel transportation-all of these and more also fall under the practices of a green hotel.

Of course, if the hotel does its part to keep the environment clean and green, the guests themselves can also do their part to contribute to the success of the program. By abiding by the rules of the hotel’s green program, guests also help out. Guests can also opt for particular practices to help conserve energy and water, such as re-using towels after only slight usage or turning off the light in their rooms when they go outside to eat or shop.

Everyone has a role when it comes to helping maintain our fragile environment. That is why it is important to consider green hotels the next time you are looking for a place to stay in during your travels. These eco hotels represent a noble initiative by the travel industry in general and the hotel industry in particular-especially since going green is the way of the future.

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