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First Lessons in Beekeeping

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First Lessons in Beekeeping

Beekeeping initially starts as a hobby but can change to a full-time occupation if you want. Beekeeping is not only about collecting honey and selling it, it is also about knowing and learning the many facts about bees. Anyone can become involved in this interesting hobby; you just need to be careful of the mood and the sting of the bees. Therefore, all you need to do is take the first lessons in beekeeping in order to be a professional beekeeper.

The first beekeeping steps include the need to purchase the proper equipment. The recommendation is to go for new equipment at first, because they would be infection-free. Secondly, you can gain experience by learning how to use them and provide your bees with a bee-friendly environment. You can also purchase secondhand equipment but you have to make sure that they do not contain any diseases.

Beekeeping also includes your need to choose a proper location for your bees – south-facing hillside would be ideal. The beehives are required to be placed near the sources of pollen, corn, legumes, ornamental trees or other similar sources. You must ensure that the apiary is facing the south or southeast direction for sunlight and you should do something about blocking the wind that would come from the north.

The first lessons in beekeeping further include supply of sufficient water near the hive if you plan to do beekeeping in your backyard. If you don’t do this, then your bees would be seen flying around all over to travel for water. To install water near the hive, you can get water jars or feeders installed near the hive. This will solve you honey bees’ hydration!

An important point that comes under the first main step in a beekeeping hobby is your protection against bee stings. Keep yourself protected from the stings by wearing the complete set of protective beekeeping suit – a beekeepers hat and veil, the full body beekeeper suit and the baggy gloves. Never wear sleeveless shirts or dresses, or shorts, or dark colored clothes; dark colors make the bees react vehemently – a situation you would not like to deal with! Best colors to be worn should be white-colored clothes.

An Uncapping fork is important equipment required in beekeeping and is adequate for extracting honey – it would help you to take off the caps placed by the bees on cells filled with honey. Great moment to enjoy your first home-made honey!

Once you are thorough with the beginning steps in beekeeping, all you need is practice to be a perfect beekeeper!

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