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Kenya Adventure Camping Safaris

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Kenya Adventure Camping Safaris

When it comes to an exciting and extraordinary outdoor series of events, then the terms adventure and camping are the most suitable to use. Quite a number of tourists prefer adventure camping safaris because of various environmental, physical and personal changes that it brings to their lives. It actually breaks the monotony of the usual smooth and predictable daily routine in their lives. Anybody of course preparing to go for any adventure safari always equips him or herself with the sense of adventure because it is an undertaking involving uncertainty and risk. It is this curiosity and surprise that drives tourists to go for it.

Quite a number of tour operators in Kenya specialize in camping and adventure type of safaris mainly because of the wide variety of choices present in Kenya. It is advisable to be very selective and sure of the tour agent to deal with so that you can get the real experience of adventure camping that will make your holiday a reality. First and foremost, if you have any recommendation for particular companies to choose, go straight ahead to visit their website and choose an itinerary that best suits your pocket and holiday duration, then ask all the questions you have about the safari and make all the necessary arrangements.

The accommodation, food, different types of birds chirping in the nearby bushes, the sky at night, fellow travelers around a campfire and other many more improvisations at the campsite will give you the true picture of how adventurous your holiday is. Most campsites usually have permanently pitched tents and it is pointless carrying a personal tent if you are planning to go on an organized tour. The tents in most adventure camping safaris are comfortable and can accommodate two people. They contain two beds inside with foam mattresses, bed sheets and sometimes blankets. For additional warmth, one can always carry a sleeping bag although some companies provide sleeping bags for higher at an affordably low cost. If you fear insects crawling on you or mosquitoes greeting you in Swahili, then don’t forget to carry your insect repellent lotion.

Camping foodstuffs are just the bomb! For anybody who wants a good change of diet from restaurants or big hotel foods, try this type of delicacy. It is a long stretch of party that comes in three faces: a well balanced breakfast before the morning game-drives, followed by lunch most often than not taken away from the campsite as a packed lunch, depending on the number of days you take for the safari, and finally finishing up with dinner after the evening game-drive. Tea or coffee is normally taken after every meal. The question of safety of the campsite at night should not be an issue because it is fully guarded by the armed watchmen and it is also almost impossible for the wild animals to come to the campsite because of the campfire prepared at night which they associate with the presence of human beings.

After or before your dinner and before you go to bed, while sitting around the campfire and exchanging ideas with fellow travelers, this is the best time you can go through your program once again together with your tour guide or driver and discuss how you would like your game-drives to be done the following day, and what time you are supposed to wake up. It is normal for professional drivers or guides to brief you every morning before you depart to the bush or every evening after the game-drives so that you stay up-dated and ready with your cameras for photos and avoid delaying the rest who might be on time. In case you have any problems with your camera’s batteries getting low and you needs to be charged, you can always organize with your guide to help fix it in the nearest lodge. Otherwise if you are pleased with the services of your guide, a token of appreciation is always a good idea.

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