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Killarney’s Killer Shops and Restaurants Downtown

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Killarney’s Killer Shops and Restaurants Downtown

The southwestern Irish town of Killarney is a popular tourist destination, famous for its beautiful scenery. However, there is more to Killarney than meets the eye. For more than two centuries, this city has been the forefront of Ireland’s southwestern tourism industry.

Getting into the city, especially its downtown area, is remarkably simple. To the north, about 15kms, is the small airport serving the region, called Farranfoe Airport. Trains and buses also run from the largest towns in Ireland, especially Dublin. The N71 runs headlong into the centre of town, and the N22 is only three kilometres to the east. There are dozens of Killarney City Centre hotels available.

When it comes to shopping and eating, there are plenty of spots found in the downtown area. However, the frequently asked questions that tourists have about these scenes are situated below!

Does Killarney downtown have any shopping centres?

There is one main shopping centre in the city. It is referred to as the Killarney Outlet Centre, and was once a train yard shed that housed old trains. Today the only trains visitors will see are the toy ones found in the mall’s toy store. There are scores of retail outlets and stores found in the city’s Outlet Centre. Some of these stores are internationally recognised brand names, including a large Nike store.

What about shopping precincts?

Killarney’s central districts contains several shopping areas that are worthy of mention. The High Street is a magnificent central avenue that contains many wonderful shopping stores. In addition to the High Street region, the Main Street, and its surrounding roadways also boast a fairly large number of stores to check.

Are there any global retail stores?

Even though Killarney is not a renowned shopping city, it still contains a number of wonderful shopping stores that renowned the world over. As previously mentioned, the Outlet Centre contains several famous stores, including Nike. High Street is also home to Burberry, Kooki and the American favourite – Timberlands.

Can people buy books?

Yes, book shopping is a very popular pastime in the city of Killarney. Two of the most popular book stores in the city are Page Books and Killarney Bookstore. This is where most tourists find maps, city information, and fiction novels for reading on their holiday.

What other stores are available?

Dunne’s Store is a magnificent supermarket that contains hundreds of products sold fresh. This gives visitors an opportunity to purchase fresh food for cooking, in case they decide not to eat out one night. In addition to Dunne’s Store, one of the most popular specialty stores is O’Sullivan’s Outdoor Store, which provides an awesome array of hiking and camping equipment.

Where are the best places to eat?

Within the centre of Killarney, there are a number of great places to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner meals. The High Street district and the Main Street district are both reasonably close to each other, and provide dozens of local and foreign restaurants for tourists to enjoy. Many of the best restaurants need to be found in the narrow streets that connect several of the district’s streets. Some of the restaurant cuisines on offer include Indian, Chinese, French and many other European influences.

What about the pubs?

Pubs of downtown Killarney have become synonymous with great food, great atmosphere, and great social settings. Recently, the food within pubs has changed to become one of the best spots to eat in Killarney. The pubs used to contain a very narrow menu, with meals like Irish stew dominating the cuisine. However, even though stew is still available in the pubs of downtown Killarney, there are plenty more options on offer for visitors.

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