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Painless Family Crafts and How to Get Started

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Painless Family Crafts and How to Get Started

How do you introduce crafts to your family when they are not interested in doing crafts? That is an excellent question and there are some excellent answers to it. So you say your family is totally not interested in crafts? They do not want to be creative. Everything in your home is store-bought and you would like a change. You want to see some home-made items on display in your home but no one seems interested. There are simple solutions to this problem. I will give you some ideas on how to painlessly introduce crafts into your home. Listed below are crafts that almost everyone is interested in. The reason that people love these particular crafts is because they have a dual purpose. When you do these things, you are not doing them solely to “do crafts”. But you do them because you will put your heart into the creation and you will then present it as a gift to someone special.

Try these:

  1. Ornaments. Yes, try to begin with Christmas or holiday ornaments. There are a few companies that sell ready-to-paint ornaments. These are wooden ornaments and the sets come with their own paint sets. This is a perfect beginning introduction to crafts.
  2. Easter eggs: Every child and even some adults love painting Easter eggs. You can purchase the real eggs in some of the oriental supermarkets or you can buy the plastic eggs in the dollar stores. You can use yellow crayons and draw pictures on the eggs and even print messages on each egg with the yellow crayon. Once you do that then dye the egg in any color. The name and picture that you drew on the egg will be crystal clear and will show up on the egg perfectly.
  3. Knitting. This is a craft that you can introduce to your friends who love animals. By knitting or crocheting little blankets and quilts, you have the perfect gifts to donate to the animal shelters. I remember when I adopted my kitten from the animal shelter, the shelter gave a special quilt to me that was crocheted by someone who donated it. That was very special, because instead of sitting on a piece of cardboard on the trip home, the kitten was cuddled in the quilt inside of the kitten transporter. So, introduce knitting and crocheting to your children or teens and tell them that you are donating the gifts to the local animal shelters.
  4. Collage: This is a craft that is wonderful to do because you can make your own souvenirs while on vacation or when you get back from vacation. Have the family save all the little mementos from your trips. (Save movie tickets, save receipts, and other paper items, like match-book covers and playbills, and even paper money or coupons). Then gather it all together and paste them all up on something like a cork board or an empty picture frame. You have a craft that now contains memories of every moment of your trip. Not many can resist a craft like that.
  5. Virtual Cork Board: This is probably one of the simplest crafts you can bring to the family. The mission – decorate their own virtual cork board on the computer monitor. Go to http://www.mycorkboard.com/ and let each family member add items to the basic cork board. Or they can create their very own on their own computers.
  6. Photography: This one is easy and everyone will love it. Go to the dollar store and purchase some disposable cameras. Everyone goes out on their own one day and takes their 12 pictures. Then you all gather back in the same place after the pictures are developed. Everyone makes their own photo-collage. This is a souvenir your family will cherish for years to come and you have painlessly introduced them to crafts.
  7. Ideas: If you still lack ideas, go to this website; Ideas are abundant here and you will find at least one craft that will spark interest.

So, use your imagination and you will come up with creative projects to finish. Your family will become interested in crafts. Even the family members that are not interested in crafts will enjoy those personal crafts listed above.

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