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Sand Art Craft and Dealing With a Child in Stress

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Sand Art Craft and Dealing With a Child in Stress

Many children go through stressful times in their growing up experience costing them to part from there community groups or even families. As adults we become more in need for effective ways to communicate with our children competing against TV play stations and DS isn’t a fair completion to individuals. It can even be problematic.

I did sand art as an art and as a craft for many years now and recently I started it as a kids craft line in one of the craft shows I was doing. I had the table set up for children to have a go and experiment with colors and I have to be honest its the most fun part of my craft, for my art to serve a function and to do a job is the most rewarding part of it. At this specific show I had a touching experience with my craft all thanks to one lady. She approached my table and asked if her child can have a go, “certainly yes”, I replied as I got her a bottle and a funnel and showed them the way to their seats, if u need any help just let me know, she replied with a sad smile “i sure will.” I couldn’t help noticing some uneasiness in the air with this lady and her child and my nosy nature made me pay extra attention to this couple the boy wasn’t much happier than the lady, he had this look of his that I will always remember. I would assume she was a carer not the mother, maybe a young grandma.

I wasn’t sure nor brave to ask as the boy wanted to start his art job the lady stoped him and said “how about we make a memory bottle” the child smiled and said yes sure so she helped him pick the happy colors of the table and with every line they stated giving it a name and linking with a memory of the child with his mom. And this line when u both went to the lake and this one for when she used to hug you before u sleep. I have to be honest it was some thing I have never seen before and couldn’t help noticing the look of change on that boys face I interrupted as they reached half way through the bottle “may I help draw some thing in this bottle?” I asked. The lady said yes please what can we have? I did the usual trick, we can draw a camel or a dolphin or if u like we can draw a horse in it. Turns out the boy was fascinated with horses so I was thinking to my self great we can make this sad face smile now. I did my magic with the sand and worked the funnel with the colors and the look on that boys face was nothing like anything I have ever seen as he watched the horses come to shape with my wire and funnel. “wow grandma look at that!? He was smiling from ear to ear I left them to finish the bottle and they kept going through the kids memories of his mom and I couldn’t help my nosy nature again. As they finished they asked “can we get a cork for this now?” I replied you don’t need one if you just bring me the bottle I will seal it for you. The lady passed the bottle to me as I started pressing the sand, pressing the sand usually takes a couple a minutes and you get a perfect opportunity to chat your costumer through it and make sure it was worth his time and how happy he is with this craft. I asked the lady as I was sealing the bottle “what’s with his mom and the memories?” she replied his mom died not so long ago and dealing with that pain has been a struggle for the whole family and speically for this young one and it made him withdraw from the world. I saw your sand art and figured out that it can be a way to cheer my little one up and your horse surely did the trick! I smiled at the lady and how clever she was to involve my art to her needs. Then I got attacked by the boys questions how do u do that? Can you show me this?

The change in his mood was so noticeable that it really made my day he walked in a sad kid with the whole world on his shoulders and there he is now so happy with his little memory treasure. Bonding again and relating to his grandmother as she shared this experience with him the incident made me think about therapeutic uses for this art and it doesn’t have to be a mess, the child can create it in a bottle it can have its uses as well in the upbringing of the child. I believe this ladies experience can be repeated world wide! She gave her little guy her time and in dealing with his pain she used my art and so can we all! Best of luck for everyone. For tips on how to make sand art and applying it you can check my website as I had all the details available to the public in its member area you can learn how to draw your self in sand with my online sand art made simple membership and start impressing and relating your little ones too.

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