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Scotland Tours for Everyone!

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Scotland Tours for Everyone!

Whether you are looking for Scotland tours that take you through history or Scotland tours that show you just how far the country has come in the last few centuries, there is a tour for you. Scotland is a country that is rich in history and rich in people who have a deep love for their country.

Scotland Tours with a True Scot

If you are looking for the best way to see Scotland, you need to make sure that you are touring the country with a true Scot. That does not necessarily mean your tour guide needs to be wearing a kilt and running around with a thick accent, but it does mean that finding someone who was born and raised in Scotland will greatly increase the quality of your Scotland tours.

There are several ways to make sure that you are being led by a true native person, and the first way is to just ask your tour company up-front if they employ only native Scots. Once you are on your tour, ask your guide about their country and their home. Ask your guide where they grew up; what they love the most about their homeland, and why they have never moved on. Ask about family and friends. By doing so, you will get not only a deeper sense of your guide, but a deeper sense of their love for their country. And, as an added bonus, your Scotland tours will be a unique experience.

Single Family or Group Scotland Tours

Most, if not all, travel companies only offer Scotland tours at a group rate. While this can be cost-effective and a little more comfortable for most people, single family Scotland tours are a truly magical and unique experience. If you and your family are feeling adventurous, see if you can find a tour-guide that is willing to just give your family a tour. It may be easier to find someone to do this than you think. If you stick to the more traditional Scotland tours, make sure you don’t just blend into the group.

All Scotland Tours are not the Same

Believe it or not, not all Scotland tours are the same. While most tours will include similar elements such as castles or traditional lore, there are different tours available for different kinds of people. Making sure that you choose the right kind of tour will help you and your family gets the most out of their tour experience. If your family is full of history buffs, there are plenty of Scotland tours that will play to your love and interest. You can walk almost back to the beginning of recorded history about Scotland on the right tour. You can see ancient castles and strongholds, and walk on grassy fields where epic battles once took place.

If, however, you and your family do not want to add an academic side to your vacation, there are Scotland tours that deal with the more modern parts of Scotland’s history and future. You can see the beginnings of the great new era in Scotland and you can tour the current film and history scene. You can see the places where Hollywood has left its mark, and even find yourself a little closer to your favorite Hollywood and music stars.

No matter what kind of Scotland tours interest you, there is something available. No tour of a country like Scotland would be complete without a tour of some of the more well-known and popular castles. Make sure your Scotland tours include a little local color and variety, as well. Find a local pub and grab dinner. If there is an outdoor festival going on while you are there, join the festivities. Make yourself a student of the Scottish culture and way of life, and your time in the country will be an amazing experience. Let yourself be immersed, and you will be forever changed.

Whatever you are looking for in Scotland tours, make sure you take the time to research your options so you can find the perfect fit. Scotland is too great a country and there are too many amazing opportunities available for you to miss out!

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