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Simple Facts About Microbiology And Its Products

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Simple Facts About Microbiology And Its Products

Microbiology means the study of micro organisms like bacteria, fungi, algae, virus, etc. Literally, ‘micro’ means small, ‘bio’ means life and ‘loge’ means study. It helps us to understand these small organisms and the benefits that can be cultivated from them.

Microbiological culture is the technique of reproducing and cultivating microbial organisms by letting them breed in a prearranged culture media under disciplined laboratory condition. It is also known as microbial culture. Microbial cultures helped in determining the type of organism or determining the presence and abundance of the microorganism in the sample which is tested.

Culture in microbiology means the breeding of organisms in a particular nutrient media which nurtures their growth. In other words, microbes that multiply in culture medium are called culture. Culture media is a media where organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. are cultured (grown). It contains all important requirements for that particular type of cell that is being cultured. It enables to identify and isolate the organisms. In simple words, it is the nutritional material which is prepared for nurturing the micro-organisms in a laboratory.

Types of culture media

It can be classified in different ways. Some of the examples of its classifications are; based on the consistency it can be divided as solid, liquid and semi solid medium. On the other hand, based on the constituents or ingredients, it can be categorized as simple, complex, synthetic and special medium.

Dehydrated culture media contains those media with ingredients like vegetable extracts, peptones, sodium salts, agar content, sources of carbohydrate, etc. for the media preparation and growth of micro-organisms. These can be briefly divided into Agar, Broth and Semisolid Media. These are wildly used in microbiology, research, pharmaceutical, food and dairy, waste water, veterinary, etc. they provide the environment favorable for the growth of organisms. They must be stored in a specific temperature and up to specific period of time. The expiry date and the storage conditions are mentioned on the labels.

Plant tissue culture media was originated from the idea of Haberlandt, a German scientist. It is the medium where plant cells are cultured. With the increasing problems of food shortage, ecological imbalance and green house effect, this method is becoming very important in the present world.

In India, there are many highly reputed companies that produced Microbiological Culture Media Products including antibiotics powder. These companies have been successfully supplying media products to various vital industries like food and beverage, research, agriculture and other industries. Titan Media is one of the leading companies that deal with these products which help in supporting the very survival of mankind.

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