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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cycling

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cycling

The world is looking toward becoming healthier, smarter and faster. More people are looking to be fit as a fiddle, and as a result, they are looking at various ways to lose weight, and make the world a better place to live in by controlling pollution. One of the most popular ways to have a healthy lifestyle and curb pollution is cycling. While cycling was supposed to be something that only the rural crowd would do a few years ago, more people from the urban part of the world are taking up cycling, not just as a hobby but also as a means of transport. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of taking up cycling as transport.

The main advantage of taking up cycling is that you do not have to pay money consistently for transport. You do away with the expense of gas, as well as the one that you would spend on the bus or the train ticket, or even the cab fare. Secondly, you do your bit for nature by not polluting it by using fuels. And of course, the main advantage is that your body and constitution will thank you for taking up such a healthy hobby. Once you start cycling your way to work, you will find that you yourself are not prone to smoke or even have an after work drink, because you need to be razor sharp while riding a bicycle on road. Cycling not just amends your lifestyle for the better, but it is the best exercise that your body will ever get – and that too at a price much lesser than buying the gym equipment, or even signing up with a gym.

There are some disadvantages of cycling too. The first disadvantage is that you cannot rely on cycling for a really long journey, like something that would be more than ten miles. Unless you are trained enough, you will face an energy drain while cycling this distance and your coming to work would be quite useless.

Secondly, cycling as a means of transport is still a fledgling idea, and therefore very expensive. Buying a good cycle that can take the wear and tear of daily use on the roads, and give you the right riding experience would be half the cost of a starter scooter. Add to that some of the compulsory props you would need, and the bill will be more or less that of a starter scooter. You need to consider whether you want to spend so much on a cycle, when there are several scooters that are ecology friendly as well as economic. The props and accessories required by a cyclist who would be travelling to work can cost quite a lot too, making the entire exercise a bit more expensive that they would like. Also, cycling is a strenuous job, and you will need to strengthen yourself to consider cycling as a daily habit.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cycling. However, more people are turning towards cycling as an option to travelling to work, and you could too, if your workplace is close enough and you are ready to bring about some changes in your lifestyle.

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