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The Art of Cake Decorating – A Beginners Recommendation For Cake Decorating Books

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The Art of Cake Decorating – A Beginners Recommendation For Cake Decorating Books

I am a relative newcomer to the art of cake decorating. However it’s something I’ve been interested in from since I was a little girl and I baked my first cup cake.

Since picking up my icing pallet and fondant I’ve discovered that sugar craft is a creative outlet that has the capacity to delight, not only myself when decorating cakes, but also the recipients. It’s a fun, exciting and challenging hobby which I find continually stimulating and my head is full of ideas of cakes yet to come!

As I said, I am a newcomer to the world of cake decorating so I’ve taken a few starter courses. These have been very helpful, but I’ve discovered that trial and error has served me best. Nothing is more rewarding that sitting down and trying to recreate some cake details that I have seen on-line or in a magazine. After I had completed a few basic courses in sugar crafting I went and bought myself a few cake decorating books which have proved to be a great inspiration to me. Not only in terms of exciting and visually stunning cake decoration, but also techniques and tips that the pros use to create their towering masterpieces.

If you are thinking about taking up this wonderful and fulfilling hobby, here are four cake decorating books that I have found useful so far:

1. “Cakes to Dream On” by Colette Peters

This book is top of the list, simply for it’s ‘wow’ factor. This is a fantastical collection of original, whimsical and artistically detailed cakes. While the book is more geared towards the skilled baker, it does serve as a great source of inspiration with it’s colour combinations and unsual techniques. It is truly a feast for the eyes and something to aspire to.

2. “Cake Chic” by Peggy Porschen

Peggy’s cake work is contemporary, yet classic. With it’s surprising detail and sophisticated lines this book showcases her effortless flair when creating cakes like they are fashion outfits. A wide range of ideas and recipes ensures that there is something for everyone in this cake decorating book.

3. “The Complete Book of Cake Decorating With Sugarpaste” by Sylvia Coward

A good, straightforward cake decorating technique book is worth it’s weight in gold. This handy and uncomplicated book is ideal for beginners. Covering a wide range of techniques which are presented in a project form, it is easy to follow and starts with a number of basics that will be ideal for the beginner.

4. “The Well Decorated Cake” by Toba Garrett

This book is well worth a mention here. Ms Garrett presents easy to follow chapters with wonderful direction which help to build up your confidence. I’ve managed to expand my skill base at a realistic pace with this book and the results have been certainly worth it!

Well, there you are, four cake decorating books which I have found very useful as I have started my journey into this fascinating hobby.

I hope you find them as useful and enjoyable as I have.

Since starting my course in sugarcraft I have found that nothing has been more useful to me that these books. I would recommend that, if you can you take a few basic classes in the starter techniques which will allow you to implement some of the slight more advanced techniques outlined in these books above.

There is no substitute for practice, so even if you are just beginning, get yourself a cake,some fondant and fire up your imagination!

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