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The Role of Meditation in Astral Projection

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The Role of Meditation in Astral Projection

Meditation is a family of practices that dates back many Centuries. With growing numbers of people including meditation in their routine, it is becoming a widely accepted spiritual and mental practice. Meditation is, in its core, training the mind to reach a certain level of consciousness as a means of achieving a specific goal. The practice is found in many religions throughout the world and is common in yogic practices as well. Scientific studies suggest meditation helps in lowering blood pressure, improving metabolism, and improving many other bodily processes. Meditation is one of the most important parts of successful astral projection, as it provides a means of controlling the state as you travel the astral plane.

The History of Meditation

Meditation is closely tied to many religious and spiritual practices. With ties to prehistoric times, it was used to appease gods by Ancient civilizations. As far back as 1500 BC, there are records of meditation that are believed to be the precursors to Buddhist and Taoist practices of today. In around 500 BC, Buddhists in India were practicing meditation as a routine part of the religious, which continues today. Although the exact roots of Buddhist meditation are uncertain, it is widely accepted that Buddhism made meditation common practice and popularized its use in other religions around the world. Even though it took many Centuries for the practice to be accepted by modern cultures, it is practiced today by many people around the world for a variety of reasons.

Modern Definitions of Meditation

As time progressed, people began to view meditation in a new and often confused light. Although it is still misunderstood by many, meditation still exists in many religions and groups as a way to achieve a heightened level of enlightenment. The lack of consensus over the definition of meditation makes it difficult to accept for many. The school of Western thought believes there to be two kinds of meditation-concentration meditation and mindfulness meditation.

Even though meditation is closely linked to many religions, it is also used throughout the New Age movement, in practices like Yoga, mysticism, and astral projection. Originating in the 1960s and 1970s, the New Age movement introduced a new school of thought that represented an openness that was lacking in many cultures and religions. Zen Yoga is one such practice. The core of Zen Yoga is to use meditation to become one with our spiritual nature, which is believed to exist within all of us. Those that practice meditation do so for a variety of reasons and there are many ways to approach the practice in order to achieve your own personal goals.

How to Use Meditation in Astral Projection

Astral projection itself is about achieving a heightened level of physical relaxation while allowing the mind to be fully awake and aware. The goal of astral projection is to allow the astral body to separate fully from the physical body in order to travel the astral plane. Each astral traveler has his or her own reasons for traveling the astral plane and this intensely personal experience can be used to achieve many goals. Achieving a heightened spiritual awareness, promoting healing, resolving conflict, and living out fantasies are some of the reasons people astral project. Once you figure out your goals, you can work on your astral projection technique until you achieve success in traveling this new plane of existence.

The process of successful astral projection involves reaching a heightened state of relaxation. Many use binaural beats to encourage this state of relaxation, but meditation is the most common way of allowing your astral body to separate from the physical one. With meditation, you can begin to visualize this separation, which will eventually allow it to happen. The early stages of the process of astral projection will involve sleep paralysis, which happens after meditation and breathing exercises allow your body to relax.

With practice, you will be able to feel your astral body detach from the physical one and see the world from an entirely new perspective. Success in astral projection is not easy at first and you must overcome fears before you can travel the astral plane. With patience, you can move beyond the limits of the physical world in order to enjoy traveling the astral plane.

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