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The Secret of Finding Unique Gift Ideas

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The Secret of Finding Unique Gift Ideas

It’s the day before an important birthday or anniversary and you have no gift to give. You have not forgotten. You want a good, special gift idea, but have not got a clue as to what that might be! Have you ever had this experience?
There are ways to avoid this situation and make the gift hunt easier.

A Little Preparation – What do you want?

The earlier you start thinking then the easier it is to ensure that you have the required gift idea. Think about exactly what you need (and what you can afford). Think about what they might want. You might consider:

  • Hobbies
  • Favorite perfumes or after shaves
  • TV shows and films
  • Places they would like to visit
  • Experiences they would like to have
  • Have they said something that might help – for example: I would like to see that movie
  • Even traditional gift lists like those for anniversaries

All of these things might give you an idea. They will certainly start you thinking (and listening).

Intending to Find Gifts – Focusing on the task

It is a good idea to tell your subconscious mind (and the Universe if you are that way inclined) what you are looking for. In scientific terms you are alerting your RAS (Reticular Activating System) to look about for anything that may help. The RAS is the process in your mind which tells it what to pay attention to. If your mind knows that you are looking for a gift then it will help you and you will begin to notice more ideas and opportunities. If you are more spiritual in outlook then you could call this ‘Intending’ or ‘Ordering from the Cosmos’. In any case it is important to be clear what you want and how you want it. For Example:

In the best way for all concerned and at the perfect time, I intend to find a great gift for my partner before their birthday.

Obviously the format can be varied to suit yourself. One important thing to note is that you have very little say in how the universe works. This process may increase your chances and even if it does not work then you are not to blame.

Increasing Your Chances – Take action

So far you have started your conscious mind on the task and enlisted the help of your subconscious (and the Cosmos!). To further increase you chances there are several things you can do:

  • Look around the Internet at gift sites
  • Visit stores and malls
  • Look for sales where you can find a great gift at a bargain price
  • Talk to friends and relatives
  • Keep your eyes and ears open
  • Pay attention and take notice

It is important that you give yourself the opportunity to find what you need. This is like trying to win the lottery. You can think positively all you like, but you need to buy a ticket to have a chance.

Paying Attention – Changing the plan if necessary

In the end you need to be open to the environment around you and notice when something important appears. The previous steps will help you do this by letting you focus on what you want. Some people call this being ‘Present’ or just simply paying attention.

Think about how the process is going. If this is not working then try something else. Go to a different mall, try a different site or ask a friend. Take action when you find what you require. Once you have found the gift then you might want to say thank you just to be polite.

Conclusion – How this will help

These steps will greatly improve your chances of getting what you require. Not just in choosing gifts, but with almost any task. Decide what you want, focus on the task, take action, see how you are progressing and try different things. Good luck with finding that gift idea.

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