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Fun Things For Teens To Collect

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Fun Things For Teens To Collect

The teens of today aren’t interested in the same old stamp and coin collecting. Teens want to collect something interesting, fun, and cool to show off to their friends. In order to do this, teenagers have to get creative. Collections can focus on a certain thing, like bookmarks, or on a certain theme, like a specific baseball team. One of the reasons collecting have remained popular over the generation is that it is a versatile hobby. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the different cool things there are for teenagers to collect.


Although this may sound like a collection for only teens that enjoy reading, bookmarks can be decorative as well as practical. A collection of bookmarks can be pinned to a padded corkboard or set up in decorated frames. There are a large variety of different types of bookmarks on the market; commemorative, souvenir, ones with inspirational writings, and ones with printed images. Bookmarks are also available in various materials from leather to cardboard and plastic to cotton. Therefore, bookmarks offer a lifelong opportunity for collecting with little opportunity for becoming bored.

Key chains

Key chains, like bookmarks, can be collected simply as a decorative collection. I say this because as a youth I collected key chains and thought it would be cool to carry my entire collection of sixty-something key chains around. I soon ended up with shoulder and neck aches due to the ridiculous weight I was lugging around all day, everyday. That said, collecting key chains can be a lot of fun especially since companies started selling key chains with clever (and sometimes hilarious) sayings on them. It is important to discuss what you consider appropriate and inappropriate when it comes to key chain sayings with your teen since some of the key chains carry sexual or drug related topics.

Theme Items

By theme items I am referring to collecting things that follow one basic idea. For example, fantasy objects such as medieval garments, pewter figurines of wizards and dragons, posters of Olde English castles are all collectibles to a fantasy collector. Other popular themes are sports teams, butterflies or dragonflies, animals, and celebrity items. The thing to remember about collecting theme items is they frequently become a part of the teen’s identity. Teens immerse themselves in the theme; wearing it, decorating their rooms with it, even playing PC games or watching movies and TV shows that involve the theme. Don’t worry if it seems your teenager is going overboard (as long as they are not stealing or harming themselves in some way) since they will most likely jump from one theme to another as they mature. It is vital for teenagers to adopt some sort of hobby. Hobbies keep teens occupied and out of trouble while giving them a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Collecting is a great hobby for teens because just about any teen can find something they would enjoy collecting. Best of all, the search for items to add to the collection can be a bonding experience for teen and family. What more could a parent and teen ask for?

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