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How to Block NLP-Based Attacks on Your Mind and Sanity

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How to Block NLP-Based Attacks on Your Mind and Sanity

It’s dangerous to be too trusting.

But, hey, it sure beats the alternative.

It does mean that, occasionally, you’re going to trust the wrong person. Someone is going to slip by your defences and mess with your state of mind.

I remembered this lesson the hard way recently. I was a little too open towards someone who hadn’t quite earned it.

And this someone happened to know enough NLP to be dangerous.

And, unfortunately for me, this person took glee in tearing down everyone around them.

It’s weirdly common. A few schools of NLP teach you the best way to get ahead in life is to, in casual conversation, push folk into the worst corners of their minds and leave them there. I don’t know who they think this helps or why, but go figure.

If you’ve ever had an innocuous conversation that left you feeling like crap, this might be what happened.

Or maybe not. It might have been a genuine mistake of theirs, or something on your end bubbling up.

Either way, it’s worth knowing how to face it when it comes.

Self-hypnosis can reset your mental state to what it was before.

That and mindfulness meditation and plenty of self-care will get you back to where you were.


You could treat this as a chance to indulge in what Jungians call shadow work.

That mess you feel was always there. Your friendly neighbourhood Neurotic Lousy Parasite may have broken the lock, but the darkness it unleashed is yours.

So you can face it, clear it up and walk away stronger.

I don’t normally recommend this. Shadow work isn’t easy or entirely without risk. Without the right mental training, the darkness unleashed can topple you.

That’s why your unconscious locked it in a cage in the first place.

Still, maybe you’re sick of the darkness holding you back.

Maybe you’re ready to go to the next level.

It might be time for you to let go off this inner shadow – one you’ve probably carried since your childhood.

I don’t recommend diving in.

And I don’t recommend doing it alone.

I like to say the best antidote to hypnosis is hypnosis. That darkness is an old emotion (or emotions) too painful for the younger you to face so, in a trance, you buried it deep.

Then the Nasty Loser Plague set it free using hypnosis.

The best way to either cage it up again or finally resolve it is with skilful hypnotic trances.

Just make sure you work with someone you trust. After all, hypnosis and a lack of character is what led to this.

But hypnosis with a genuine champion on your side?

That’s exactly what you need right now.

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