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Mental Echoes

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Mental Echoes

The first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to any sort of genuinely permanent changing of yourself or myself or any mental programming is repetition. Thus, the title of this article “mental echoes”. There are times where we would all love to have instant access to our minds like a computer without much repetition. Since the mind is the most complicated computer of all, naturally, it will take some time to “hack” or reprogram.

I mean, the brain and mind are the most powerful natural computers in existence, rumored to be 200,000 times more powerful than the most powerful computer we can invent. Actually, it would not matter what we invent, it would probably be way more. After all, nature or God designed our ultimate personal computers anyhow and the computer language used to program these computers is repetition of images and repetitive and consistent emotional power, not English, Spanish, BASIC, Cobol, Pascal or whatever programs the little computer toys and gadgets we invent. in fact, repetition of images and emotional power are the mental echoes I am talking about.

So, let us get a little more advanced here: Mnemonic is a Latin rooted word for echo or memory, and an echo can be described as the ultimate sort of memory in a way. Mental echoes program experiences, and experiences create an existence and a life. Brain cells, and all their parts are even more advanced memory and control circuits than anything man can create on even the most advanced fluid “circuit board” in a cell phone that is almost conscious when really analyzed. So, the fact that programming our computer takes time and some repetitive emotional power is not a surprise. In fact, I can say: The bigger the goal, the stronger, more emotionally direct and far reaching the programming.

Some doctors and medical people say that the brain is like a muscle combined with the most prolific gland in the body. Well, I say that the brain is a muscle, a gland and a computer system all in one and more and it should be treated as such. Sure, in this article, I take somewhat the approach that the brain is simply the ultimate machine, not to objectify the brain, but to make the reality of mental programming more understandable to all, and to myself.

So, I say this to wrap up this article, if this article were a few words instead of four paragraphs and a few spare sentences: To genuinely program yourself in desirable ways, the why must be stronger than the how, and it all must be persistent in practice and reality. Anyone of normal intelligence or even above or below normal intelligence can know “how”, but if that passionate “why” is not behind it, what is that “how” worth?

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