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Mistakes People Make When Trying to Make Money With YouTube

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Mistakes People Make When Trying to Make Money With YouTube

It can be really easy to make money with YouTube if you know what you are doing. YouTube gets you super targeted people to your website, sign up for your email list, and builds a ton of trust quickly. However, if you don’t do it properly, you may find yourself frustrated with your lack of results. In this article I will discuss with you the most common mistakes people make when trying to make money with YouTube.

1. Their Channel Has No Theme

Many times when I evaluate a YouTube channel I see no real structure to the videos. There are just a bunch of random videos about all sorts of stuff. A YouTube channel is a hub. Lots of people visit YouTube channels to get more information about the author. If there is no structure then people are going to get confused. Keep your videos about your family, funny cat videos, and your camping trip on a different channel, and make it easy to understand what your channel and videos are all about.

2. The Videos are Not Optimized

A YouTube video is a webpage. Let me say that again. A YouTube video is a webpage. Therefore it follows all of the same rules as a webpage when it comes to SEO. Titles, tags, descriptions, are all critical. Make your videos unique, not your titles. If you want to be found you must focus on keyword rich titles. Use good quality keywords in the tags, and make sure the description has good content that explains the video.


When you are using YouTube to direct traffic to your site you need to have your FULL URL in your description. It needs to be the first thing in your description too. And not just http://www. It must be the full “http://www.yoursite.com”. Not only is this good to have for your audience to get to your site, but it works wonders for your SEO. It is a link that points to your site from a very popular site.

4. No Watermark

This is SO often overlooked. Having a subtle image in your video of a logo for branding, or just your website URL works wonders. Without fail, 50% of the traffic I see when I only market on YouTube is direct traffic. I know it’s because they see my URL watermark and type it into the address bar.

5. No Call to Action

This is a rookie mistake, but happens ALL the time. Nothing saying, click the link below for more information, or visit my website, or even, comment about this video and let me know your thoughts. It is crucial to have a specific call to action in your video or else no one will take action. You need to gently lead people by the hand and tell them exactly what to do.

By addressing these common mistakes you will see more and more traffic going to your site as you create more videos. Remember. YouTube is owned by Google. They follow all of the same SEO rules as a typical webpage. Use this to your advantage and you will see a big change in traffic to your site.

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