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Profiting From Collectible Hazel Atlas Glass

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Profiting From Collectible Hazel Atlas Glass

A wide variety of reasons exist as to why people collect things, some collect because they like a certain style, some collect for charm and elegance, and many others collect because of cherished childhood memories. Nevertheless, the ultimate reasoning behind many collections is value and possible future profit.

Modern glass collecting dates back for more than a hundred years, and has made quite a few people, handsome returns on their investment. In the mid-1900s the hot collectible of the day was pattern glass from the late 19th and early 20th century. The late 1900s saw a surge in interest towards the glass of the 20s and 30s known as depression glass, ultimately, depression glass became a top glass collectible by the end of the 20th century. The newest glass to enter the collectible field is the Hazel Atlas glass produced in the mid-1900s, recent trends have shown more collectors in this area which has caused the prices to spike considerably.

Keeping in line with tradition, most collectible glass gains popularity about 50 years after its initial introduction. This is mainly because the previous generation recalls the glass from their childhood and desires to have it again. Subsequently, the growth in interest for a particular glass then causes the price to increase which further increases the demand, starting a cyclic trend.

During the mid-1900s, the Hazel Atlas Glass Company manufactured an enormous amount of utilitarian and decorative glassware for the home. Much of this glass remained in the USA, although, a limited amount was sent to Canada and the UK during the 1950s. Recently, collectors from Japan, Germany, and the UK have found Hazel Atlas Glass to be a desirable and collectible glass. In fact, many glass dealers have recently reported sending American-made glass all over the world as collecting trends and price increases have made it a desirable collectible worldwide.

Concentrating your collection on the items that consistently increase in popularity and value is the key to maximizing your collection’s value. Although many glass pieces are collectible, certain pieces tend to outperform others in the marketplace. Keep in mind, certain Hazel Atlas glass items will be desirable over a course of months, even years, while other items are short lived in popularity. Paying attention to what other collectors are buying is helpful in spotting trends in the market. When the demand for a particular item is high, the price will tend to follow that demand.

An ideal circumstance is the case of the Pineapple Jam Jar by Hazel Atlas. This colorful piece is absent from many collections, and is sought after consistently by collectors.  Since collectors were not aware it existed, many were sold for a few dollars, and now they bring as much as $150 on the market. Literally hundreds of the Pineapple jars sat around for years, before it was discovered they were made by Hazel Atlas, dealers were able to buy them for next to nothing. Nevertheless, a collector is more than happy to pay a few hundred dollars just to have this piece in their collection.

Keeping abreast of the current trends in collectible glass is the key to knowing what is worth the money and what is just common glassware. Hazel Atlas is easily recognized, and discovering the latest trends are not too difficult by following the latest available information in newsletters and collector sites.

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