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Seattle USA

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Seattle USA

Visitors to the USA will find they can choose from a number of cities and towns in the 50 states which make this country up. Of these you might want to see what the city of Seattle in the State of Washington has to offer you. You will be able to find this city in King County. The city of Seattle is situated between Lake Washington and the Puget Sound. From the city you will be able to look at the Olympic Mountains which lie to the west of the city and the Cascade Mountains which lie to the east of Seattle. The views of these mountains, is one that you will find to be most spectacular.

As you explore Seattle you will find there is an abundance of greenery situated right throughout the city. The many evergreens that you will find planted in the city have helped to give Seattle its nickname of being The Emerald City. For lovers of travel you will find the Canadian-United States border is only about 100 miles to the north of the city.

In this fabulous city you will find there is a wealth of places that you can visit and fun activities that you can try your hand at. Of these you may find it interesting to visit a Seattle troll. You will be able to find this unusual resident of Seattle under the Aurora Bridge near Fremont. Once you have investigated this intriguing sight to the Washington State you may like to head over to go on a bug safari. You will be able to find this unusual safari ride at the Seattle Bug Safari.

The safari ride can be found in the downtown area of Seattle. It is comprised of a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs of your time spent here or buy some gifts for your loved ones back home. For those of you who are interested in learning the history of Seattle will be in for a treat as there are numerous museums that you can visit. Each of these museums will provide you with a different area of interest to see. For instance you can choose to visit the Frye Art Museum which is a private art collection which features a number of Munich-based artists’ paintings.

Another museum that you may be interested in seeing is that of the Museum of Flight. Here you will see a collection of 131 different types of aircraft which range in materials. You can look at aircraft which have been made from wood and fabric crates to that of the sleek looking Concorde which is known to be the fastest passenger aircraft in the world.

Other museums that you can visit while you here is the Seattle are the Seattle Art Gallery, the Science Fiction Museum and the Pacific Science Center to name but a few. Once you have toured all of these different places in Seattle you may feel as if there is nothing left for you to see. This however is not the end of your exploring this amazing and wonderful city. These sights described here are just the tip of the iceberg. There are still many interesting places that you can when you come to Seattle in Washington State.

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