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The Glories of Penpalling

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The Glories of Penpalling

Many people view penpalling as a hobby for people who have too much time on their hands, or something for people with no friends to take up. Penpalling can be lots of fun and rewarding, and it is a hobby anyone and everyone from all walks of life to try at least once. It is a hobby for you to take up, no matter how little time and friends you have.

If you have never penpalled before and do not know where nor how to start, it is no longer as difficult as it used to be. In this day and age there are many penpal clubs online that you can join. Simply do a Google search for international penfriends and you will find people who are also eager to have more friends from all over the globe. Although there are penfriend agencies that require payment to send you a list of addresses, many websites online provide this service for free.

It is important to pick someone who you feel might want to discuss similar topics. For example, if you like writing about a specific religion or a sport, choose someone who will most likely want to discuss your favourite topic of conversation. If you like long letters and only want penfriends who are willing to write long letters, make it clear on any form you fill in. Additionally, if you are against a specific movement or dislike certain things, avoid choosing a penfriend who might be in disagreement of your beliefs.

Penpals are also great if you want to collect and exchange things. Just to be on the safe side, it is recommended to exchange light and affordable items like postcards, used stamps, used phone cards, stationary, stickers, etc. Although some people collect banknotes and coins, as they can be quite valuable a rule of thumb is to swap low denominations that do not cost too much. In many countries it is illegal to post money, so such items are not recommended in the world of penpalling.

Things to avoid sending to your new friends are chain letters and scam mail. These are unwanted and in some cases names and addresses of people who post unwanted mail are blacklisted and shared among those in good standing.

There are simple and basic conduct rules to abide by in the penfriend world and as long as none of these are broken you will find this hobby very rewarding. Your new friends from all over the world might even be able to visit your country one day (or vice versa) and as you would have already shared culture and country information, adapting to different and new countries will be a lot easier.

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