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Internet Fax Services – Do’s and Don’ts

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Internet Fax Services – Do’s and Don’ts

With traditional fax machines being discarded in a hurry, the number of internet fax service providers is growing at a rapid pace. There is a problem of plenty for the consumers and the decision to select a reliable and scalable web fax service provider is confusing to say the least. With varying size and needs, different organizations have different faxing needs, and this requires that the web fax provider that you select serves your needs for a long time and with the capacity to handle large volumes without any downtime.

As a web fax service provider or consumer, some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to the online service have been aggregated here for the benefit of the consumers who are trying to make a switch…

[1] How do I transmit fax to a client who has sent me his fax number?

Scan the target document and store it as a soft copy or simply store the soft copy in your personal folder. The next task is to attach the document to your email and fill out the senders email address which is – The senders email address will be 1234567899 AT gofaxgo dot com if the recipients fax number is 234567899. The protocol is to prefix this number to AT provider dot com.

[2] How do I prevent junk faxes from streaming into my inbox? Is there a filter or anti-spam?

‘Junk fax’ filters are usually provided by majority of the online fax service providers. But, these filters are not capable of blocking these junk faxes and ultimately you pay for their delivery. These junk filters just organize and divert these junk faxes into junk folders.

Many web fax providers offer a block list which includes the numbers of suspected spammers of junk faxers – There can never be any junk faxes coming from these numbers. But, in normal circumstances, the originators of junk faxes keep on changing the phone numbers so that they are not blocked by this list.

The best option is provided by only a select group of web fax service providers – This option contains both the approved and disapproved list. So, you can list all the numbers from where the faxes can arrive. If a fax comes from a number which is not in the approved list, then it is blocked right away. This is the most effective method of blocking junk faxes.

[3] Is there a way to sign the fax electronically or digitally?

Some internet fax service providers do offer the facility of adding a digital signature to your documents, but other might not offer this option. In case this facility is not provided by your online fax service provider, then the following steps might help you…

  1. Scan your normal signature and save it as a jpg / png / bmp file.
  2. If possible open your target document in either a PDF editor or even in MS word
  3. Bring the cursor at the right point and insert your digital signature file
  4. Re-save the file
  5. Attach the new file and send it as a Scan document

These are some of the most common questions for businesses who are utilizing the eco-friendly web fax services.

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