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Resume Writing Help – Tips to Write Impressive Resumes

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Resume Writing Help – Tips to Write Impressive Resumes

Writing an impressive resume is not difficult at all if you can find resume writing help from experts and from those who already have ample experience to teach us how to impress potential employers. Of course, it is also good to learn from employers themselves as they are the ones who often reads and screens resumes.

If you are looking for a job these days, or you still are striving to get the job you’ve always wanted, a few tips and resume writing help may be useful for you. Here is a simple guide that may serve as your resume writing help.

– Choose a professional template for your resume. This is a must for formal companies and formal positions that you are aiming for. If you are not sure what to use, always go for professional looking templates.

– Customize your resume according to what the company is needing. You may put your experiences that are not whatsoever related to the job opening, but do not highlight them. Focus more on your relevant experiences, skills and qualifications and those that match what the employer is looking for.

– Be honest with your resume. Yes, you can put everything you want in there but remember that employers also do a background check on their potential employees to avoid trouble later. So if you want to be hired for good, you have to be really honest with whatever you write in your resume.

– Watch your grammar and spelling. One of the simplest but crucial errors that you can do in writing a resume is grammar and spelling. Especially if you are applying for a job that is strict on details as well as grammar, like writing and editing jobs, you may want to proofread your resume first to check for errors.

– Avoid using the personal pronouns such as ‘I’ or ‘We’ or ‘My’. In resume writing, it is acceptable and in fact a followed rule to use fragmented sentences that omits the pronouns. Instead of writing, “I manage a group of editors,” do write “managed a group of editors in the department…” This is acceptable in resume writing.

– Be concise with your wordings. This will help you maintain a two-page resume that will not bore your potential employer but make him more interested. Avoid flowery descriptions. Be sure to show your skill in writing in English especially if you are applying for a job that requires good written communication.

– Be positive with your resume’s tone. It is important that you have to get away with negative details such as the reason why you quit your last job. These types of details have no place in resumes. Instead, wait for the interview before telling these details. Keep your resume positive.

– Choose your words carefully. Avoid flowery words and sentences. Instead, focus on using powerful words where you can impress your potential employer more. Use numbers, percentages and other means to quantify data if you can. This is a way to catch attention as well.

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