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Stilts For Kids – Stilt Walking – Explore Your Super Human Abilities

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Stilts For Kids – Stilt Walking – Explore Your Super Human Abilities

In this era of computers, internet, video games, it’s really hard to distract children from these gluey substances to the outdoors to have some fresh air and sunshine. But one thing which can drive your kid to move out of house is their desire to grow taller, bigger just like adults and their wish is being granted via stilt for kids which can make them taller and are a great source of daily exercise. Your child will love to spend some time outdoors to try out their new pair of stilts instead of becoming a computer buff all the time.

Stilt walking can be an amazing way to stay healthy as it involves cardio and aerobic exercises along with hours of fun and enjoyment. Stilts for kids comes in diverse range of styles, sizes, shapes and colours to match their height and weight along with shoulder supports which provides more balance while walking. Stilts are a great way to make your child active because it adds the flavour of fun and enjoyment to their life without their realisation. The trick for effective stilt walking is balance and coordination via holding handles and getting your feet on the platforms.

Ideally stilts should be light weighted and can either be bought or can be made from things like plastic cans; ropes around the house but it do require a lot of effort. Metal cans are not used because of safety purposes as they may cause injury. Stilts for kids are generally lower to the ground to enable them to practice these skills without the risk of falling from height and eventually they can increase the height once they are well trained. Children should be continually encouraged to participate in these kinds of activities where besides fun factor, health factors are also involved. You may even encourage your children by participating in the entertainment activities itself with your kids which would increase their motivation level further.

With ever changing technology, old stilts are being replaced by stilts with inbuilt shock absorbers which are added on to your adventures by making you jump even higher. These latest technology stilts should be accompanied by helmets, wrist and knee padding to avoid the risk of any injury in these hours of fun and excitement. Besides your valuable investment in stilts for kids, you should not forget to invest in good protection equipments as safety is our prime concern.

Earlier stilts are being associated with circus performers but now it has increasingly become popular as a source of fun and exercise for everyone including adults who are more than willing to experience thrills of super human abilities besides keeping off their extra pounds. Now in the words of the famous rap-duo KrisKros…”JUMP JUMP”.

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