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Thinking of a New Hobby? Consider Collecting Stamps of India

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Thinking of a New Hobby? Consider Collecting Stamps of India

India is a vast country and is home to so many different cultures, religions and traditions, that you can say it is a small world within itself. As a true Indian, it is our duty to learn about this vibrant side of India. It is almost impossible to visit all these locations of our beautiful country and explore its various facets. The easier thing that you could do instead is collect stamps of India.

Explore India in an exciting new way

Stamps in India are based on varying topics. They commemorate important events and personalities as well. In fact, there are many topical collectors all over the world who are always seeking interesting stamps of India. From animals, flowers and scientific inventions to architecture, history, culture and art, it is a fascinating kaleidoscope! It is even better if you are a young collector from school. You will easily be able to connect and relate to old Indian stamps as learning Indian history through textbooks can be very boring at times. When you engage yourself in the hobby of collecting stamps of India, you are not only having fun but are also gaining lots of knowledge.

When you start collecting rare stamps of India, you become inquisitive naturally. The moment you add a new Indian stamp to your collection, you will invariably start researching about the various illustrations depicted on it. In this way you start gaining knowledge about India along with its rich traditions, culture and history.

Rare stamps of India can be a very good investment

When it comes to rare stamps of India, the pink-coloured 10 rupees service stamp featuring Mahatma Gandhi is well-known all over the world. Very few examples of these rare Indian stamps exist today and most of them are sold for impressive amounts at auction houses across the globe. Indian stamps of the denomination 4 annas were issued in 1854 using the modern lithographic methods. These rare Indian postage stamps are priced high in the market. Then we have the 1852 Scinde Dawk ½ anna red stamp which is popular because it is one of the earliest postage stamps in Asia. An 1854 unissued ½ anna deep vermilion stamp has also caught the attention of various collectors due to its rarity. 1902-11 25 rupees brownish, orange and blue stamp featuring a portrait of King Edward VII is also one of the rare stamps of India. There are many collectors who pursue this hobby to make money. They purchase rare Indian stamps and sell them after many years for a good amount. There are several other rare stamps in India that collectors are always keenly looking for. If they are in good condition, their market value shoots up eventually in the long run.

Getting it started

If you are new to this hobby and have not read much about it, there is no need to worry. The best thing you could do is head out to the nearest post office and take a look at some of the latest stamps of India. You can then start joining online communities and connecting with fellow collectors. You will slowly realise that there are several other passionate collectors out there who have a marvellous collection of rare Indian stamps.

When it comes to research, you can refer trusted websites for gathering more information. It is best to check the source of information before diving deep into the subject. Do remember to buy some good quality stamp collecting accessories as well so that your stamps do not come in contact with moisture or dust. Start researching about the various categories of Indian stamps like British India Convention state stamps, British India stamps and Independent India stamps. Choose a theme or topic that you love, so that you enjoy your hobby thoroughly.

So what’s stopping you? Start collecting stamps of India now!

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